Forthcoming Papers

This is the editor's page (ivo welch), not the journal's page (managed by Alet Heezemans). The journal editor and typesetter pull the final author version from this webpage, then collaboratively edit the author for English, and finally typeset the CFR version of the article. Any changes in the publisher's process are not reflected back here. Ergo, papers on the NOW Publisher's Site always supersede the ones posted here.

Liquidity: Replications, Extensions, and Critique (2019, Vol 8-1/2)

in typesetting.

Future Issues (No Ordering)

Planned Volumes beyond #8. The volumes/issues have not yet been determined. We will try to bundle papers with similar topics to increase reader interest, although this changes the order of acceptance time and publication time across papers. However, you can cite these papers as CFR, 2020, forthcoming, for now.

Corporate Financy

Corporate Financy / Closer To AP

Asset Pricy -- Derivatives

Asset Pricy -- Other

Replication Updates

Replication papers could eventually be printed either in their areas or with one another. This has not yet been determined.

Special Issue on Higher Moments (Ed: Juhani Linnainmaa)

Whenever possible, the CFR requests that authors choose titles that make the key point of their paper clear even without reading the abstract.