You are looking at the editor's site for the Critical Finance Review (CFR). The CFR publishes leading academic research in all areas of financial economics. It is a high-prestige peer-reviewed free "boutique" journal.

The CFR publishes only 5-10 papers per year, but with paper quality comparable to the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, and Review of Financial Studies. The CFR's ultimate goal is to publish 10-15 papers per year, never 100—and to publish some more unconventional and interesting papers. In some ways, the CFR seeks to be as good as its peers, but be different from other outlets. It wants to be more eclectic and unusual.

The CFR has one special niche—critiques—but it also publishes many non-critique papers.

Subscription and Mailing List

There are now three choices to receive the journal:

  • Email: This may receive a code that gives you (unlimited) access on the website. It helps us to know who reads our journal. We are sending out no more two emails per year, and usually only one.
  • USPS: We mail you a hard copy. We usually do this only for individuals who have requested hard copies or whose research is directly related to the papers in the particular issue. To save costs, we print and mail the hardcopy only in such specific situations.
  • None: You can remove yourself from all contact altogether. For such removals, please wait until you get one email from us. On this email, you will find an option to remove yourself from all further contact. We reconcile the removed list changes before we send out the next email.

We hope our email and USPS lists cover most long-appointed individuals, but if you want to be added, please send an email to the editor.