Forthcoming Papers

This is the editor's page (ivo welch), not the journal's page (managed by Alet Heezemans). The journal editor and typesetter pull the final author version from this webpage, then collaboratively edit the author for English, and finally typeset the CFR version of the article. Any changes in the publisher's process are not reflected back here. Ergo, papers on the NOW Publisher's Site always supersede the ones posted here.

If you have an accepted paper and it is not on this website or on NOW publisher's website, please send an email to ivo welch.

Future Issues

The following volume/issue ordering is tentative. The within-issue ordering has not been determined. We try to bundle papers with similar topics in order to increase casual reader interest, so this can change the ordering of acceptance time and publication time across papers. You can cite the papers below as CFR, forthcoming, for now.

Corporate Financy

Asset Pricy: (Mutual) Funds

Asset Pricy: Other

Fit Not Yet Determined

We try to bunch papers into volumes based on similarity. Thus, it may happen that some papers are published early, while other papers are published late. The idea is that papers have externalities on one another, making them more likely to be of interest when grouped together with other more similar papers.

Whenever possible, the CFR requests that authors choose titles that make the key point of their paper clear even without reading the abstract.

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